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vital field

What is vital field therapy?

Vital field therapy involves generating frequencies similar to naturally occurring ones that are intended to positively change a person’s vital field. For this, various frequency spectra modelled after natural spectra, such as those occurring in sunlight, are measurably transmitted to the body.

What is a vital field?

The term vital field is composed of “vita” (“life, vitality” and “field” (“a space in which energies emitted by a substance are effective”).

Every living organism radiates a variety of its own energy. These bodily energies are called the vital field. A vital field is a natural electromagnetic field which is physically measurable, and can be made visible, such as in an infrared image. Every person’s vital field is different, not unlike a fingerprint. Although in principle they are similarly structured and follow the same laws of physics, they are strongly influenced by an organism’s individual characteristics (predisposition, diet, stress, injuries, etc.).

The vital field is subject to constant fluctuations and can be influenced positively as well as negatively by environmental factors. This ability to be influenced is the starting point for vital field therapy, whose goal is to positively influence the vital field.

By transmitting certain electromagnetic frequencies determined especially for each individual patient, energy field deficits can be balanced out and the vital field can be influenced in a positive way.

What does the vital field tell us?

The vital field can be described as a snapshot of the physical state of a living organism at a given moment. It shows whether specific areas in the body experience under stress or exhibit deficiency symptoms, or if certain organs or bodily systems need particular attention.

Based on the data collected by Global Diagnostics, weak energy spots in the body can be detected and your vital field strengthened within the context of vital field therapy.

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