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Cupping therapy

Cupping is an old healing method, which, due to misapplication or the fact that it is not as well known, has lost credibility. However, if properly applied, it has therapeutic possibilities greater than that of most others.

How old is cupping therapy?

Early indications of this healing method can be seen on a medical seal from Mesopotamia circa 3300 BC, so we can assume that the therapy is around 5000 years old.


Paracelsus said: “Wherever nature causes pain, there are gathered toxic impurities needing to be expelled.” Cupping is done on the back, directly treating the painful part or muscle, or the part subject to sciatica or vertebral consumption.

On the back are areas representing organs such as the nervous system, lungs, kidneys, stomach, adrenal glands, the spine, and so on ...

The technique:

the cupping, which lasts about twenty minutes, is done symmetrically on the back after having applied an ointment that helps blood circulation and provides better grip for the cups. A vacuum needs to be created in the cups, which is done by inserting into them a cotton swab that has been previously soaked in alcohol and then ignited. The brief flame in the cup creates a vacuum, and the cup is immediately placed onto the skin of the back. The vacuum created in the cup draws lymph through the kidneys and transports it out. Then the lymph, which is now free of impurities, can be recirculated. The bodily organs represented by that part of the back are thus detoxified.

Cupping causes "blue spots" which the body "repairs" by means of the substantial increase, and facilitation of, blood and lymphatic circulation.

It is then possible to proceed to a "setup" (restabilisation) of the spine, which is easier after cupping.

Finally, we proceed to Baunscheidt treatment which guarantees an additional expulsion of toxins.

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