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What is colon hydrotherapy?

What is colon hydrotherapy?


Colon hydrotherapy is a therapeutic option for cleaning the intestine. It originated in the USA, where it is has been used for many years with much success.

Who needs colon hydrotherapy?


The majority of people have an unbalanced symbiosis, called dysbiosis. This is an imbalance in the natural biocenosis between bacteria and man. Due to the consumption of denatured and sterilised foods, of incorrect feeds, pollution of the environment with poisons, and abuse of drugs, the vital balance between man and the bacteria making up the intestinal flora has been compromised. This results in a weakening of the body’s immune system.

More than 30% of the population suffers from metabolic dysfunction due to the prevalence of bacteria that cause intestinal diseases due to tissues being insufficiently oxygenated. Poisons and toxins are not eliminated quickly, resulting in self-intoxication (poisoning of the body).

Loss of vitality, fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, aggressiveness and fear are the result. Diseases such as infections, inflammations, rheumatism, polyarthritis, acne, psoriasis, other skin diseases, high blood pressure (hypertension), migraine, allergies and many other physical ailments are attributed to intestinal disorders.

Immune processes in the human body have been seen from the point of view of infection, but in the meantime it is has been established that there is a close relationship between metabolism and immune processes.

Approximately 80% of the immune system is located in the intestinal wall of the small and large intestines and immunoglobulin is produced for the most part in the intestine. The mucus of the large intestine is the most important defence system against toxins. After that come the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and the surface of the dermis.

Professor Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize winner in 1931) recognised that if the immune system is weakened due to an unbalanced intestinal metabolism, this can lead to the formation and development of cancer cells in the intestine.

Many people in the civilised world suffer from constipation. The intestine has reduced its normal level of activity due to poor diet over many years. The production of impurities, scale and hardened substances in pockets of the intestine prevent normal peristaltic movement (rhythmical bowel movement) and subsequent intestinal transport. At this point harmful laxatives are of only limited use.

A healthy intestine is the basis of a healthy body.


What can be done?

  • Cleaning of the intestine with colon hydrotherapy and intestinal normalisation (healing is possible only after the cleansing).
  • Change of diet.
  • Working towards health (e.g. in the form of movement).

The efficacy of colon hydrotherapy


Effectively removes faeces and blocked and rotting substances from the intestinal walls. This natural cleansing process indirectly or directly removes symptoms related to the intestine not working.

How is the therapy carried out?


The patient lies on a bed. Water of various temperatures is administered into the intestine through a plastic cannula. Using a closed flow type system, the water is transported in and the water plus intestinal contents are transported out through the cannula exit. The therapist performs massage on the abdomen to direct the water to the desired part of the intestine.

Colon hydrotherapy cleans the large intestine more thoroughly than it has ever been cleaned before.

The flow of the water, and its warm-cold stimulus to the large intestine, cause dissolution of the intestinal contents and their expulsion. Thanks to the oxygen in the water, the intestinal bacteria receive a healthy supply of it. Colon hydrotherapy is not painful and, thanks to the closed system of water inflow and outflow, odours are not emitted.

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