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Broad spectrum biophoton laser

Biophoton means: universal stimulation of photons in the cell. Photons regulate all cellular processes. Using minimal light rays, our cells are able to organise their regulation at the speed of light. This light is normally released during biochemical processes and transported into the body through nutrient molecules, reaching single cells. The biophoton laser is capable of transmitting light - photons - directly to the cells of the organism and to their compartments. In this way, energy and photons are transmitted directly to the cell, and to organs, improving energy and cell reproduction in an unlimited way.

At this point the cells activate, giving further support to the body’s inner healing processes.

The biophoton laser is thus not a therapeutic measure for specific diseases but rather an energetic and cybernetic support for the natural processes of the body’s cells.

In addition to the universal use of the biophoton, it is totally safe, which allows its use to be universal and unlimited.

The energy applied by this special therapy device is so low that it excludes danger from thermal effects, or damage to the dermis or tissues.

The athermic effect is based on intracellular communication. The broad-spectrum biophoton effect stimulates cells in both diseased and healthy areas. Therefore the regulation processes that often take quick effect and bring an improved state of health, if not activated during the normal healing process, are thereby activated.

Given the basic energetic efficacy and connected activation of the inner healing processes, the biophoton is used in both veterinary and human medicine. Immediate effects are seen or measured soon after use. For example, using dark field analysis, the regularity of red blood cells before and after treatment has been observed. A regular arrangement, which leads to better elasticity and improved quality of blood flow, was noted. This explains the rapid success when used for blood circulation disorders.

Regarding use for the central nervous system, improvement of vital signs, such as pulse and respiratory rate, have been observed, thanks to the hypnotic effect during therapy, of rhythmic rays on brain cells.

The efficacy of biophoton treatment is due to the stimulation of more intercellular and intracellular processes. This is influenced by several factors, both positive and negative, one of which may be general state of health, or by individual factors such as physical movement, respiration, diet and vitamins and minerals. The biophoton does not replace these factors. Negative influences which hinder the efficacy of the therapy are smoking, and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Pharmaceutical preparations and certain types of therapy, like antibiotics, antirheumatics, cortisone, cytostatics, radiotherapy, cobalt radiotherapy, and radioactivity, also have a negative influence that slows the effectiveness of biophoton therapy by up to 200% or more. Electromagnetic fields also have a negative influence.

Basic features of biophoton therapy

  • it energetically stimulates cells
  • it accelerates the patient’s own healing powers
  • it increases immune response
  • it optimises the metabolism

metabolic processes

gas exchange of the cell up to 150% of cellular metabolism

Biophoton laser therapy is used...

Biophoton laser therapy is used concurrently with magnetic field treatment. For this, a magnetic ring is put around the neck, or on the part of the body in question, resting on the bed. The magnetic field treatment fosters improvement of secretion in the lymphatic system by facilitating cellular detoxification which, in turn, increases the supply of cellular energy.

At the beginning of treatment there may be a worsening of the situation, as in homeopathy. The onset of such a situation proves the effectiveness of the method. This initial state regresses completely during treatment. Progression of this process assumes there is enough liquid in the form of water, or basic tea. Alkaline baths, wraps and rinses also foster and accelerate the treatment’s progress.

list with indications


Acupuncture without use of needles. Irradiation of the acupuncture points causes the same effect as needles. Indeed, with the biophoton, the efficacy spectrum is more extensive.

Geriatric care

Ulcers, pressure sores, necrosis, fissure


Improved eyesight due to strengthening of eye muscles. Macular degeneration. Glaucoma. As a support after interventions of any type. Adjuvant for blood circulation in the retina and the back of the eye.


Burns, bruises, healing of wounds, scars, keloids.


Eczema, herpes, necrosis, acne, Raynaud's syndrome, psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo.


Abscesses, cysts, inflammation of the ovaries.


Tinnitus, tonsilitis, sinusitis, rhinitis.


Wrinkles, cellulite, alopecia, abnormal pigmentation, skin impurities

Neurology, psychiatry

Phobias, hypnosis, biofeedback, sleep disorders, depression, headaches, agitation


Bruises, fractures, tendinitis, haematomas.


Neuralgia, pressure sores, alopecia.


Mouth ulcers, pulpitis, periodontitis, gingivitis.


Bruises, muscle divarications, distortions


Haemorrhoids, anal fissures, cysts


Sole of the foot, reflex zones of the body


Arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, gout, fibromyalgia.

Sports medicine

Tendonitis, sprains, aching limbs, muscle pain, swelling, bruising, muscle divarications, distortions


Prostatitis, genital herpes, weak bladder, erectile problems.

Veterinary medicine

Paralysis, spasms, wounds, cysts


Frequency of the treatments: 20 - 30
Duration of the treatment: 8 minutes

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