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Baunscheidt’s treatment

Humoral pathology begins from the assumption that all diseases arise from an abnormal composition of blood and physiological fluids.

The body tries to excrete catabolites (impurities) and toxins, which cause onset of the disease, transporting them in the connective tissue.

It is our objective to reach the body’s organs through the dermis, and detoxify the body through the expulsion of toxins.

In 1848 a researcher named Karl Baunscheidt invented a machine called the "Dermatobiotiken", today known as the "lebenswecker" (revitaliser).

Baunscheidt suffered from joint pain. One day he was bitten by an insect which caused inflammation accompanied by swelling. After decongestion he realised that his joint pains were gone, and from here he developed his discovery.



The "Lebenswecker" is a cylinder needle with which you make small perforations in the dermis. Before applying the cylinder needle, the affected area is disinfected and rubbed with Baunscheidt oil. After only a few seconds, small bubbles form, and the treated area becomes itchy, with an increase in blood circulation. After about half an hour everything returns to normal.

Nowadays the original "Baunscheidt" oil is no longer on the market, thus each therapist has their own recipe which is prepared in a pharmacy.

This treatment can be repeated every two or three days.
Below are some indications for Baunscheidt’s treatment:

  • Detoxification and reflexology treatment
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Neuralgia
  • Sciatica
  • Arthrosis
  • Long-standing trauma

This treatment has almost no contraindications.

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