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Radionics was developed in the United States of America, in the 1920s, by pathologist Albert Abrams. The author Edward Russell defines radionics as being based on the theory that the human body reacts to radio waves. Radionics is an extraordinary technique for rebalancing energy. It originated in the early 1900s and now has people practicing it worldwide. The great English pioneer George de la Warr defined it as "The science that studies the action of mind on matter, and the union of all things." One of its special characteristics is the ability to operate at a distance. By means of radiesthesia, and using specific instruments, the radionics operator can analyse and act on any system, living or non-living, whether nearby or anywhere in the world. Though this may seem absurd, new discoveries in physics confirm that, at certain levels, there is no separation, and that we are one unified entity, as the ancients said. Radionics demonstrates this on a daily basis to thousands of people around the world, who use it to provide or receive treatment. In order to work, Radionics uses instruments of many types. In some cases, it also uses electronic instruments. It operates exclusively at the fundamental levels underlying matter. Radionics’ areas of action are manifold. In truth, there is no area that cannot be positively affected using this very special technique, which is of such value for health and the future of man and the whole planet.

Radionics’ function and effect are based on supersensitive perception. The energy information produced is fed into the energy field of the person, animal or plant needing it, in order for vital equilibrium to be restored. The analysis is carried out on substances such as saliva, blood, hair, or the person himself. We employ radionics to establish the current situation, to define the causes of the problem, and to test homeopathic medicines. Supporters of radionics maintain that additional evidential support for the existence of the “energy field” can be seen in Kirlian photography, which renders the energy status of the person visible.

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