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What is Kirlian photography?

High-frequency photography was discovered by the physicist Georg Lichtenberg, of Göttingen, in around 1770. In 1890, the Belarusian J. Narkiewicz-Jodko further developed electrophotography. In 1939, two scientists, Semjion and Valentina Kirlian, perfected Kirlian photography.


The pair achieved great success in the field of electrophotography; and, using high frequency voltages, managed to capture, on photosensitive paper, the irradiations of plants and persons.


The principle of Kirlian photography is based on the formation of a coronal area. It records self-illuminating frequencies of organic and inorganic subjects directly on to photographic material. These can be substantiated from the stored information.

Kirlian photography enables insufficiencies in the body's energy system to be visually displayed.

Progressive development of Kirlian photography and diagnosis was carried out by the homeopathic doctor, Hartmut Amelung, of Cologne.

What is Kirlian energy meridian diagnosis? MKD

With the Kirlian machinery hitherto available, only the YIN energy (MKD 1) was photographically visible. However, using an additional tool, it is now also possible to make the YANG energy photographically visible.

Since displaying the Yang energy (MKD 2) reveals insufficiencies in mental energy, revolutionary therapeutic principles have ensued.

Thanks to recent research results, it has been possible to define energy blockages by diagnosing the meridian energy of each Chakra (MK3), showing them on photosensitive paper.

L. Amelung critically reviewed chirology by means of diagnoses of energy emitted by the hand (MK4), and then developed important diagnostic methods that defined the hand as an extension of the brain.

A big step forward in diagnosis was made possible thanks to diagnosis of the dental energy meridian (MZD). It is now possible to directly detect possible disorders of the teeth or jaw.

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