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global diagnostics

Energy from within the cell. Everybody should be able to understand what is going on inside their body.

Holistic medicine considers the body as an overall system which only functions well when all processes run smoothly. If there is a problem or a disturbance occurs in a single organ, muscle, bone or gland, it more or less influences all other bodily functions. In the case of a small disturbance, such as is caused by toxins, the body is able to combine all of its strengths to balance out the situation and repair the damage.

If, however, an organ or system has already been weakened and is not working optimally, it does not always immediately signal a problem through pain or other discomfort. If this hidden body malfunction remains undiscovered, it can eventually lead to a decline of the energetic and functional resilience of the entire body. In addition, unpleasant symptoms may develop in the affected area or even in a completely different region. Thus, it would often be beneficial to take preventive action even before any physical discomfort is detected and the problem advances so far that it can only be solved by complicated therapies. 

Yet if an ailment has already developed, it could be helpful to know about the energetic condition of the whole body in order to determine the correct treatment. 

Every body part and every system of the body, whether healthy or ill, shows a unique reaction pattern to weak external stimuli. Based on this reaction pattern, we can make conclusions about the current energetic state and functionality of the examined organs or systems. Using the innovative Global Diagnostics measuring system, we can record and analyse the reaction pattern.

This means that, following a reading, a large amount of information is available. The energetic state of all organs, such as kidneys, lungs, heart, etc., and systems such as the lymphatic, digestive, immune and musculoskeletal systems, can be made visible. This information provides valuable assistance in selecting preventive measures or a suitable, holistic treatment.

The reading:

A pain-free analysis can be performed in only eight minutes, providing the basis for developing the optimal sequence and intensity of treatment steps. 

Via electrodes attached to the feet, an ultra-weak electrical impulse is transmitted to the body. Using Global Diagnostics, the reaction of the entire organism to that stimulus is measured. Objects measured include tissue, organs, nerves, lymph nodes, bones, joints, muscles, etc. The current bioenergetic states of 13 organ systems and 550 measured objects are recorded.

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