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Welcome to the website of Cell Vital, in Baden-Baden.

Cell Vital is located at the foot of the Black Forest in Germany, in the region of Baden-Wurttemberg. We work using innovative homeopathy and cellular biology methods, as well as in the cell field.

Using our website, you can access various information on the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments we offer.

We understand you

At cell-vital-naturheilpraxis you can speak English, Italian, French, German, Slovak, Romanian


After arranging an appointment, there are two possibilities:

A visit or a treatment.


a) Visit:

the patient will need to attend on Monday, at 8:30 am, having fasted. We will take blood, urine and saliva samples, and Kirlian photographs will be taken of the hands and feet, and eye photographs will be taken. If necessary, electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll will be carried out. On Tuesday morning there will be a medical consultation followed by the prescribing of prescription medicines for home treatment of around two or three months.


b) The treatment:

The procedure is identical to that of the visit, except that the treatment begins on Tuesdays. It lasts two weeks: week I runs from Monday to Saturday, and week II from Monday to Friday inclusive. In some cases, however, it may last three or four weeks.


On Monday of week II, there is another urine analysis, and more Kirlian photographs are taken for possible correction of the therapy. On Tuesday of week II, medicines are prescribed to be taken at home.


After two and a half months of home care, the patient should send a urine sample with an accompanying letter describing their state of health. They will then receive a new prescription and further instructions.


In any event, the patient must bring with them the medical reports in their possession. These can be of great help in diagnosis!


After having arranged the appointment, the patient can book an apartment at the resort, a room in the hotel or make their own arrangements.

For visits: for the two days, we have a hotel in the same building offering excellent value. If this option is not satisfactory, you may call the information office (tel. 00 49 72 21/27 52 00) - where several languages are spoken - and request reservations.

During treatment it is absolutely vital that the patient be present at our clinic every day.

If you have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair, please inform us so we can provide suitable accommodation.

Treatments carried out

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